Netflix Wants To Offer Instagram Users An Amazing Job

Netflix quite regularly has exciting job opportunities available at the company. You may remember the incredible opening that was widely publicised a few months back to become a tagger, which involved getting paid to watch 3-8 titles every week and enter some data about the genre they fit in. Well, Netflix has another position available that may be a dream job for anyone who loves Netflix, traveling and social media.

The online streaming service is advertising for four Grammasters. The successful candidates will be sent to Netflix’s European sets for two weeks covering all of the necessary travel arrangements. There, the Grammasters will be expected to take photographs from the sets to advertise their productions on Instagram. The job will pay $2000 per week. It’s a perfect job for anyone who is currently looking for some professional social media experience, or is working as a freelance in the field of social media.

Applicants can be in the running for this amazing position by going through their own Instagram feed and tagging their best photographs with #grammasters3. Netflix will go through the feed and select the 25 best photographers to work for them. There will then be a Skype interview. Tags must be included before March 6th and decisions will be made by March 11th.

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