Michael Fassbender’s Best Films On Netflix And Amazon Prime

2015 is shaping up to be Michael Fassbender’s year. Not only has the X-Men star been met with critical acclaim for his performance in the big screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, he will soon be seen playing Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle’s film of the same name too. Both performances are hotly tipped for Oscar nominations next year.

However, this run of form isn’t a recent thing for Michael Fassbender. The actor has been on something of a winning streak for years now, beginning with his first major movie appearance in Steve McQueen’s debut picture Hunger back in 2008.

So where you can watch some of his incredible work on demand? We have you covered.

Eden Lank – Amazon

Kids today, eh? Eden Lake takes this sentiment to its natural extreme when Kelly Reilly’s nursery school teacher and her boyfriend played by Michael Fassbender have their romantic weekend alone is interrupted by a gang of unruly youths. What results is a scary, disturbing and violent British chiller. It also features performances by a young Jack O’Connell long before he was spotted by Angelina Jolie for her WWII drama Unbroken and Thomas Turgoose shortly after his first appearance in This Is England.

Frank – Netflix

It must be some kind of crime to hide the handsome face of Michael Fassbender behind a giant papier mache head for almost the entirety of a movie. Yet, Lenny Abrahamson decided to do just that with Frank, a story loosely based on the comedian Frank Sidebottom. In this comedy, we follow a young man drawn into the world of music genius inhabited by the troubled yet talented Frank, who. Domnhall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Scoot McNairy also star and the film was written by gonzo author Jon Ronson.

12 Years A Slave – Amazon

2013’s Oscar winner is an unrelentingly brutal depiction of Solomon Northup’s 12 years of slavery after he was kidnapped in 1841. Adapted from his own biography of the events, director Steve McQueen visualises the physical, emotional and psychological torment Northup went through. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the lead role and Michael Fassbender stars as the cruel plantation owner Northup is owned by. Fassbender received his first Oscar nomination for the performance.

Fish Tank – Netflix

One of the great British films of the last decade, Fish Tank is a stunning social realist drama about a young girl’s attempts to break free of her tough impoverished life on an East London council estate. She hopes to audition as a dancer at a club to escape – her main passion is hip-hop dancing – and falls for her mum’s charismatic yet slightly creepy new boyfriend Conor in the meantime. Katie Jarvis gave an amazing performance as Mia, Fish Tank’s protagonist, but equally deserving of praise is Fassbender as Conor who delicately balances his charm with the character’s uneasy dark side.

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