Amazon Streaming Quality Is About To Get A Huge Boost

Forget about 4K, Amazon are already thinking one step ahead when it comes to the steaming quality of their VoD service Amazon Prime Instant Video. The provider is currently looking into incorporating High Dynamic Range (HDR) into their service later this year.

Experts predict that HDR will be one of the next big leaps in quality for home entertainment. The National Association Of Broadcasters gave it their backing earlier this month, saying that it’s better than 4K as you wouldn’t notice the extra pixels unless you’re really close to the TV.

So what makes High Dynamic Range so good? Simply put: HDR will make the blacks even deeper and the lights even brighter to provide a sharper image contrast. It will help create a more rich and full visual experience when you watch a movie or television show through your screen.

Amazon Prime Instant Video will roll this out with their original content first. However, it is uncertain whether this will later be extended to include other movies and television shows not produced by Amazon Studios. Similarly, there has been no news about whether this will come at an extra cost – although some predict it will be free seeing as they currently provide 4K with no additional payment required.

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