Amazon Launches UK’s First 4K Streaming Device

4K televisions may be available in the United Kingdom, but actually being able to watch 4K content through it has so far been impossible. However, a device is finally arriving that will let 4K TV owners make the most of their screen’s high definition capabilities.

Amazon has announced that its brand new Fire TV device will be available from October 5th. The first UK media streamer to output a 4K Ultra HD video signal, it will allow you to watch television shows and movies in a clarity unlike ever before. It will, of course, allow customers to access Amazon’s on-demand service Amazon Prime Instant Video, but it will also come with apps for services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer too. This means UK customers will now be able to watch everything from Better Call Saul to Transparent in eye-popping 4K.

The Amazon Fire TV device is designed in a similar way to its original. Similarly, many of the original features remain the same including the voice search and video games. The crucial difference, however, is the improved technical specs. Support for High Efficiency Video Codec promises greater 1080p streaming, a microSD slot is now fitted onto the device providing 128gb more storage if necessary, and there will be a powerful new 64-bit quad-core processor.

How much will this set you back? Well, not a lot, actually. Amazon are currently asking just £79.99 for the brand new Amazon Fire TV device. It’s also available to pre-order now through the retailer’s website.

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