On-Demand may be the future of film and television viewing. As technology has advanced to allow homes to have the same luxuries as a cinema (surround sound, high definition, etc.) more people than ever before are streaming movies from Netflix, Amazon, Blinkbox, NowTV and many more. Similarly, as television shows are not bound by times with video-on-demand (you don’t have to wait until 9pm on Wednesday to watch your favourite programme, you don’t have to hold out for a repeat if you missed it, and you can watch the next episode whenever you choose) there are enormous amounts of people cutting the chord and switching to online streaming.

However, online streaming does have its limitations. It is often difficult to know exactly where your favourite movies and television shows can be found. This is where Just On Demand comes in. Providing you with lists of the latest additions to all of the major on-demand services in the United Kingdom, you will know exactly what you can watch, where you can watch it, and when. We will also be supplying expert recommendations about what we think you should be watching, and sharing breaking news about changes that might affect your subscriptions and services.