5 Romantic Films To Watch On Amazon Prime This Valentine’s Day

Sometimes there is nothing more romantic than a quiet night in front of the television with something to eat, something to drink and a good movie to keep you company. For Valentine’s Day, there is a number of romantic movies on Amazon’s on-demand service, Prime Instant Video, in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the ones we would recommend:

1. Man Up

A lady is mistaken for a man’s blind date at a London train station. Rather than admit he has the wrong person, she decides to take a risk and see where it goes. This concept is what propels the unlucky-in-love Lake Bell with the middle-aged divorcee Simon Pegg together in this romantic comedy from The Inbetweeners director Ben Palmer. As the pair unexpectedly begin to have feelings for one another, Bell and Pegg have genuine chemistry and share more than a few laugh-out-loud hilarious scenes together.

2. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

A romantic comedy for everyone who is bored of cliched romantic comedies, this love story from the creative mind of Adaptation and Being John Malkovich’s writer Charlie Kaufman – who won an oscar for Best Original Screenplay with this movie – is unlike any you have seen. It tells the story of a relationship through surreal flashbacks as a man has his memories of their romance erased from his mind after a breakup. It’s a rare serious performance from Jim Carrey, who is stunning in the movie alongside Kate Winslet, also nominated for the film.

3. Casablanca

One of the most celebrated movies of all time, Casablanca is a bonafide romantic classic. The multi-Oscar winner tells the story of a love triangle between a nightclub owner, a former lover who walks in one night (“of all the gin joints in all the world…”), and her new partner who is part of the resistance and needs to escape. With performances from Bogart and Bergman this wartime romance is iconic cinema that needs to be seen.

4. Enough Said

Romantic comedies don’t have to always be about young people. Enough Said is a refreshing example of how you can make one for adults with James Gandolfini, in his final role, playing the romantic interest of a divorced woman. However, when he turns out to be the ex-husband of her new friend, who always complains about her former partner, her image of him becomes tainted. The late Gandolfini will be forever remembered for the menacing mob boss Tony Soprano in HBO’s drama The Sopranos, but here he demonstrates a warmth and sensitivity that shows just how versatile he was. Meanwhile, Julia Louis Dreyfus is on top form – hilarious as ever.

05. Once

The surprise smash of 2007 was this £100,000 romantic musical about a busker and a flower selling immigrant who has a secret talent playing piano. To win back the busker’s girlfriend, who left to live in London, they decide to record a few demos for him to take to her – one of which is the Oscar winning song Falling Slowly. The pair, played by the former real life couple Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova who performed as The Swell Season, begin fall in love over their shared passion for music. It is a gorgeous movie about love and the love of music.

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